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BM20200 Brake Tester


BM20200 brake tester is a mobile brake tester for light and heavy vehicles with axle load up to 20,000 kg. The BM20200 tester features all options known from normal in-ground brake testers such as:

  • Infrared remote control
  • Service line and cylinder air pressure measurement
  • Automatic axle weighing
  • Test of 4×4, 6×4 8×6 driven vehicles
  • Diagnostic printout Connection to PC/Notebook with BM Windows software
  • Axle Load Simulation

TheBM20200 brake tester is approved by several international authorities like RWTÜV Germany and complies with the ISO standard.

The BM20200 is equipped with same electronics and software as the BM in-ground brake testers BM12200, BM13200 and BM17200 and therefore the BM20200 offers same high test standard and data processing as these models.

TheBM20200 brake tester can be used in conjunction with the BM52000 mobile play detector, which allows for a test lane concept on-ground. The BM20200 requires a normal power connection: 3 x 400 V + N + G of 25 Amp.

The display of the BM20200 is normally mounted on a mobile display on wheels, which is placed in between the rollers, when transporting it. However, the display can also be supplied with a wall mounting or floor mounting device for more permanent installations.

Wheel span: 800 to 2800/3300 mm.

BM20200 brake tester Advantage and benefit

The overall advantage of theBM20200 brake tester is the design, which allows for being placed and used directly on the workshop floor without any civil work. Drive on/off ramps are folded down and the display is placed on a mobile device in front of the brake tester and power is connected to the CEE connector.  All in all one person needs only 10-15 minutes to make the BM20200 operational.

The advantage of BM20200 is that without compromising the features offered, the BM20200 can be used either as a transportable unit by enforcement authorities or by customers with multiple workshops, which benefits from sharing a brake tester. A majority of customers are using the BM20200 as movable brake testers in their workshop.

The weight of BM20200 is only 1200 kg and when placed on wheels, one man can pull the brake tester around and make it operational within 10 minutes. This way the BM20200 can be placed outdoor in summer and indoor in winter or simply be moved when not used in order to save floor space.

BM20200 brake tester Applications

The BM20200 is used in a large variety of applications of which some is driven by specific customer needs. The following are a sample of the most common applications:

  • Designed for use as a normal brake tester in workshops repairing and testing light and heavy vehicles. The BM20200 is placed directly on the floor indoor or outdoor without need of civil work.
  • Due to low weight and in particular low height, which reduces requirement to the length of drive on/off ramps, the BM20200 is perfect for use in conjunction with road side inspections by enforcement authorities.
  • Due to its robustness and simplicity, the BM20200 works well in tough environment as experienced by Army, Navy or Air force organisations.