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The BM Brake Tester Product Range

Our core BM Brake Tester Product is roller brake testers and associated software, which enable the operator to better take advantage of the brake tester building his brake service business.

You will find that both with brake testers for heavy and light vehicles that our BM Brake Tester Product range includes a variety of models, which are built to meet individual customer requirements as exact as possible.

Over the last decade, we have expanded the product range toward complete test line equipment including test of the vehicle’s suspension system, steering system, wheel position and speedometer.

We have completed the integration of these products into an IT system named BM FlexCheck. This IT system allows you to design an electronic data capture of inspection data including date from your visual inspection. The BM FlexCheck is based on PDA units and designed, so other brands of equipment such as emission control and head light testing can be integrated as well.

Our product strategy is to design and manufacture solutions based on technology, which we can continue to support in the complete life time of the product. We have, therefore, based our product range on two series of electronics, X010 and X200, which keep support simple and enable us to in-depth supporting these products and also offer upgrade packages when needed.

BM Brake Tester Product

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BM brake tester Product BM brake tester Product BM brake tester Product BM brake tester Product