BM Brake Tester Axle Load Simulation

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BM Brake Tester – Axle Load Simulation

BM Brake Tester Axle Load SimulationThe BM Brake Tester Axle Load Simulation (ALS) has been designed to be easily installed (or retrofitted) to the sub-frame of the BM14200 and the BM12200. These are in-ground, pit based, roller brake testers for testing heavy vehicles and as such the load simulators come with optional load capacities of 8 ton or 16 ton matching the maximum allowed axel load bearing of most heavy vehicles.

BM Brake Tester Axle Load Simulation

The conventional BM Brake Tester Axle Load Simulation was developed for inspection lanes without suitable facilities to install a Chassis Load Simulation System. The housing of the Chassis Load Simulator on rails along the top of the pit wall would not be possible for some vehicle test centres so in this situation the Axel Load Simulator offers a viable and steadfast alternative.

The Axle Load Simulator is most suited to workshops with low vehicle turn over, as the system is relatively time consuming. During the vehicle brake test the chains would have to be fitted to each of the axles before brake testing and removed again following the test before moving the vehicle onto the subsequent axle.

It should be noted, that since the simulated load is applied to the axle the load sensing valve/function as well as the suspension system of the vehicle will not be activated or tested.

The Axle Load Simulation for BM14200 is fully mounted on the installation subframe of the brake tester requiring no special adjustments to the design or construction of the inspection pit. When not in use the grips and chains of the simulator can be conveniently stowed away alongside the brake tester in the pit wall. This keeps the inspection pit tidy and free of trip hazards.

TheBM Brake Tester Axle Load Simulation offers an economical but no less robust option for load simulation that maintains BM’s dedication to their client in providing a range of equipment to suit everyone’s needs.

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