BM53000 Play Detector

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BM53000 Play Detector

BM53000 Play Detector

BM53000 Play Detector

BM53000 Play Detector Features

The BM53000 Play Detector is a hydraulic wheel play detector for light and heavy vehicles, busses and coaches up to 20.000 kg axle load.

It consist of two strong steel plates – one for each wheel – which are installed into the floor. The plates are moved horizontally in 8 different directions by means of a remote control.

The remote control features both an integrated flash light functionality and a keypad to control each movement of the plates.

The operator can choose to control each movement manually, automatically in selected directions, or to activate a 10 cycle ‘box movement’ sequence. All automatic movements are stopped by pressing any key on the remote control unit.

The power unit is installed in the pit either at the end or inside an excess in the wall of the inspection pit.

Advantages and benefits

The BM53000 checks the steering and suspension system of the vehicle without need of jacking up the axle. The operator will be able to detect worn kingpin bushings, loose tie-rod ends, broken welds, loose fasteners and other failed components.

The remote control unit can be supplied with either cable or radio link to the control system. Selecting radio link has the advantage, that the operator is not restricted in his work and the option avoids expensive downtime due to cable damages.


The BM53000 is usually installed over an inspection pit and used both by repair work shops and vehicle inspection bodies.