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Inspection Pits

Inspection Pits


BM60 and BM61 are prefabricated steel pits ready for installation. The pits are fully sealed against water ingress, and are equipped with many features as standard, there is also a long list of optional accessories that can be added according to the individual needs.

All connections, pipework, electrical cables, and extra equipment are preinstalled at the factory according to the customer’s specifications, allowing the pit to be easily and quickly installed, causing the minimum disruption to your everyday business. Using the latest computer aided design principles, each pit is designed from the ground up. With load bearing calculations integral to the design of each pit, the ground conditions and proposed application are taken into account.

Experience has shown that the quality and specification of the engineering is reflected in the ease and economy of installation, reducing the overall cost to the customer.
Inspection Pits
Inspection Pits Inspection Pits


Narrow design.                                      Wide design, making easier accommodation of lubrication and other equipment.


  • Quick installation.
  • Backed by full 10-year guarantee.
  • Improved working conditions.
  • Fully sealed against ground water ingress – no concrete contamination.
  • Built to your specifications.
  • Any size and load bearing capacity.
  • The entire pit can easily be lifted horizontally through the garage gate.


Suitable for workshops, bodyshops, and inspection lanes (car, light/heavy commercial and specialised applications).


Prior to installation, we arrange meetings with the customer, supply relevant engineering plans and technical drawings, and give the customer detailed instructions regarding excavation and backfill of concrete. The actual installation, adjustment, fastening, and connection of the pit is conducted by our professional service team. As the pit normally comes in one piece and is prepared before delivery, it only takes 3 – 5 working days to install a fully operational pit, making it easy for precise and detailed planning. In special cases the pit is delivered in separate modules that are joined on site by our coded welding experts.