BM Chassis Load Simulation System – BM CLS – Type A – Pit wall

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BM Chassis Load Simulation System

BM CLS – Type A – Pit wall

BM Chassis Load Simulation System

The BM Chassis Load Simulation System , CLS Type A consist of cassettes, which rolls on rails placed on the edges of the inspection pit. Each CLS cassette has an integrated hydraulic cylinder, which can deliver a maximum of 5 Ton load simulation.

Each cylinder is hooked up to the chassis via chains and special BM designed self-tensioning claws and therefore stays on the chassis once fitted.

Usually an inspection pit is prepared with CLS rails approximately 3-4 meters before and after the brake tester. Once the required CLS cassettes are fitted to the chassis of the vehicle, the operator can fully control the load application from his remote control unit from the vehicle cabin.

With the remote control unit, the operator enters the load he requests on the axle being tested on the brake tester and activates the computer controlled CLS system. By measuring the axle weight from the roller bed, the computer will ensure the correct load is applied. The operator then conducts the brake test of the axle.

Hereafter, the operator releases the load application via his remote control unit, and he can then drive forward to the next axle. The CLS cassettes stay on the chassis while the vehicle is being moved forward as the claws make sure the chains remain fixed to the chassis, and the cassettes are smoothly being pulled forward, rolling on the rails. Once the next axle is in place on the roller bed, the operator can re-enter his request for load simulation from the remote control, activate the load simulation, and then conduct the brake test on the axle – all of this without leaving the cabin between test of axles.

BM Chassis Load Simulation System

The BM CLS type A can be supplied with minimum 2 x CLS cassettes and up to a total of 8 x CLS cassettes, which effectively provides a load simulation capacity from 10 Ton up to 80 Ton.
The CLS cassettes are designed so they can operate in existing pit rails used for the pit jack. However, small modifications might be required in order to ensure a correct rail design for the cassette. This means that the BM CLS type A cassettes will not reduce the functionality nor the operation area of the pit jack.
BM has additionally developed a curved rail for the BM heavy vehicle brake testers. The curved rail is pattern protected and has a modular design, which ensures that it – onsite during installation – can be fitted to practically any inspection pit regardless of the width of the inspection pit etc.
The hydraulic hoses are drawn inside flexible caterpillar tracks, which control their position at all times and protect them against damages.

The BM CLS type A can be supplied as a standalone system, which allows for use in conjunction with other brands of brake testers than BM.