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BM FlexCheck Principle of the inspection procedure:

BM FlexCheck

  1. Vehicle is registered either at lane entry, reception office or via internet booking.
  2. At entry, the inspector select the vehicle from the Queuing list on his PDA, which is send by radio link to the PDA from the lane PC.
  3. Test results from the various electronic equipment is either send to PDA via RS232 or manual entered.
  4. The inspector can use the PDA to control the test line.
  5. The inspector enters visual inspection points following the guide on the PDA
  6. Data is automatically and continuously transferred to the lane PC. The inspector can view, edit and comment on the PC terminal located at the end of the lane. Printing of test report can be done from this terminal or on a printer in the reception office.

Benefits of BM FLexCheck:

The PDA is operated using the integrated touch-screen and it can easily be placed in a pocket when inspector is not using it.

  • The inspector can at any time choose any lane and any vehicle, as all inspection data continuously are sent to—and processed by the selected lane PC.
  • The inspector can use the PDA to operate the test line (brake tester and suspension tester), which eliminate the need for more than one hand held unit.
  • The PDA makes the test procedure and data flow transparent for the inspector, which reduces both the risk of errors and the need for initial training and education of staff.
  • All items are uniquely identified in the BM FlexCheck Configuration program and each item at the same time optionally linked with item-unique Location, Fault, Reason, Comments and photo options.
  • The PDA technology allows for installation of other non-BM programs, which are considered beneficial for the vehicle inspection work.

BM FlexCheck program and BM FlexCheck Manager

BM FlexCheck program is supplied in three version:

  • Client module: Installed on PC in the inspection areas and handles all information flow and printout related to the vehicle inspection. Usually one client module can serve multiple operators in two lanes. Additional Client module can be added if station has more lanes than two.
  • Server module: Installed on an office PC and handles all information flow to/from the station Client modules using LAN. Additional Service module handles information flow with the Web site , Authorities and the Nation module of BM FlexCheck using web services.
  • Nation module: Installed in HQ of your organisation and handles all information flow to/from all Server modules and generate statistic management information on production, booking etc.

The BM FlexCheck Manager is integrated into the BM FlexCheck program. The BM FlexCheck manager is a supervisor tool, which you can only access using password. The tool allows you to create your own specific inspection procedure(s) including one or all of following elements:

  • Registering of vehicle and customer info on PDA unit
  • Visual inspection check points each with one or more of following levels:
    • Fault
    • Graduation of fault (i.e. PASS/FAIL)
    • Where the fault is found
    • Photo of fault
  • Automatic data collection or manual entry of data from:
    • Brake Tester
    • Suspension tester
    • Side slip tester
    • 4/5 Gas tester
    • Smoke meter
    • Headlight tester

When test procedure is defined you download to the PDA, where it is saved for future use and all inspectors can now commence vehicle inspection production.


Vehicle inspection data is radio transmitted to BM FLexCheck Client module using WLAN and Client module processes, saves and prints all data. The Client module supervise, that the inspection is fully completed before allowing the operator to finalise the inspection.


If your requirement is transmit of data to external computers using e-mail or web services using XML, then this is handled by BM FlexCheck server module, which can also handle collecting and saving data from several clients modules installed in the inspection area(s).


The Nation module are for the customer having multiple stations and required that all data from all stations are saved to one database from where management statistic can be generated. The Nation module provides you with management data in real time.




BM Licence security upgrade.

Due to extensive pirating of BM software recently, BM Autoteknik A/S has increased the security procedures for licensing its software products.
The software can be licensed automatically and directly on first installation. Subsequent re-licensing for second time will require further verification by e-mail or telephone; for countries that have an official BM agent, the licence verification will be administered by the official BM agency, and licences issued via the agent.
The upgraded security features are to be rolled out worldwide during the next year.