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BM1010 BRAKE TESTER Features

BM1010 BRAKE TESTER is a strong in-ground and on-ground brake tester for testing motorcycles with axle load up to 750 kg.

The BM1010 is approved by MOT in England. The brake tester can be supplied with an extra tacho tester roller bed for testing the speed of the motorcycle.

The BM1010 can optionally be connected to a PC Windows program for storing data.

The optional tacho tester is connected to the same electronics as the brake tester and can test speed on both self drive wheel as well as a wheel, where the 2.2 kW motor drives the wheel to its maximum speed. In both cases the maximum test speed is 160 km/h.

The BM1010 brake tester features a long range of options, which allows for a configuration, which can meet most customer requirements including:

  • Infrared remote control
  • Pedal force measurement
  • Automatic wheel weighing system
  • Connection to local or remote PC with BM windows software
  • Prepared for connection to self-/motor drive tachotest for test of speedmeter.

The BM1010 brake tester is equipped with same electronics and software as the other BM brake tester models for light vehicles BM3010, BM7010, and BM9010 A and B and therefore the BM1010 offers same high test standard and data processing as these models.

The design of BM1010 is made to a very high standard both in terms of quality and safety. All steel is hot galvanised and the wear surface of rollers is based on mesh steel to ensure long lifetime and accurate measurement.

As standard the BM1010 is supplied with a hot galvanised sub-frame, which is concreted into the ground before the actual brake tester is installed. The sub-frame makes the planning and implementation of installations much easier and do also ensure correct alignment of the brake tester during concreting.

Wheel span:
ATV:           530 to 1730 mm.
3-Wheeler:  290 to 1590 mm.

Advantage and benefit

The BM1010 is only 250 mm deep and can therefore be installed in most workshops or even on-ground.

The BM1010 is as standard supplied with a display having one large analogue readings of brake force left and right and 50 mm high bright digital readout of brake efficiency and pedal force. The display can be mounted either on the wall saving floor space or on floor column devices.


Currently BM Autoteknik A/S cannot offer clamps to hold the motorcycle when being tested on the tacho tester.