BM40000 Suspension Tester

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BM40000 Suspension Tester

BM40000 Suspension Tester

BM40000 Suspension Tester

BM40000 Suspension Tester Features

The BM40000 suspension tester is designed for axle load of up to 2000 kg. The suspension tester is using the EUSAMA measuring principle for testing the suspension system of the wheels.

The unit consist of a one bed system with a vibration plate for left and right wheel, which controlled by an electrical gear motor. The test results are as standard shown on an aluminium display with large point meters for left and right wheel values and large 50 mm digital readout of imbalance between left and right wheel.


BM40000 Suspension Tester Advantages and benefits

The test is performed by vibrating a plate vertical from app 25 down to 3 Hz simulating all road conditions. During the test sequence the wheel weight is continuously measured and the lowest saved for comparison with the static wheel weight.

The ratio between the lowest weight measured and the static weight is determined as the EUSAMA value, which is also known as the Road Adhesion value. The value is presented in percentage on the display and printout.

Additional the BM40000 can offer a Performance indication, when purchased with PC software. The background for BM to develop this value, is that sometimes the EUSAMA value does not change even though the chock absorber is changed and customer experiences an improvement. Reason is that the lowest weight value is a resonance value, which did not change from exchanging a shock absorber or other components. However the overall road adhesion characteristic of the suspension tester did improve, which was determined by much higher road adhesion values at other frequencies than the resonance value.

The BM Efficiency value identifies this improvement both by a graphical presentation of the complete test sequence and also by a unique efficiency value.

Finally BM has implemented a special evaluation software, which takes into account the axle weight of the vehicle as well as the effect of stiff suspension, which is known to significantly reduce the EUSAMA value pass/fail criteria.

The BM40000 can be upgraded to 3000 kg axle load.


The BM40000 is designed for both in-ground and above ground installation and can be used both by private workshops and vehicle inspections.

As the test takes less than 60 seconds per axle and is performed fully automatically, the equipment is a strong tool to generate business for your company by ensuring that no vehicle leaves your premises without having the suspension system tested and potentially repaired.