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BM4010 Brake Tester

BM4010 Brake Tester

BM4010 Brake Tester


BM4010 Brake Tester is a strong in-ground brake tester for light vehicles with axle loads up to 3.500 kg.

The design of the BM4010 Brake Tester is unique as it allows for split bed installation over an inspection pit.

BM4010 is approved by several international authorities and is used by both workshops and vehicle inspection bodies.



The brake tester features a long range of options, which allows for a configuration that can meet most customer requirements including:

  • Infrared remote control or PDA.
  • Integrated pedal force measurement.
  • Test of 4×4, 6×4, and 8×6 vehicles.
  • Diagnostic/graphic printout without connection to PC/notebook with BM Windows software.
  • Special  designet støbe rammer, der muliggør forøgelse af sporvidde, hvorved fx. campingvogne kan testes.
  • Prepared for test line expansion including Suspension tester, Speedometer tester and side slip tester all controlled from the same electronics, with results shown on the same display.

BM4010 is equipped with the same electronics and software as the other BM brake tester models for light vehicles, BM3010, BM7010, and BM9010 and therefore offers the same high test standards and data processing as these models.

BM4010 is built to a very high standard in terms of both quality and safety. All exposed steel is hot galvanised to ensure a long lifetime and the wear surface of the rollers is based on mesh steel to ensure long lifetime and accurate measurement. The special roller wear surface also ensures a friction coefficient with both dry and wet tires. It also helps to minimize reduction of the friction coefficient that wear and tear often lead to when using other types of wear surfaces.

As standard the BM4010 is supplied with hot galvanised sub-frames, which are concreted into the ground before the actual brake tester is installed. The sub-frames make the planning and implementation of installations much easier and do also ensure correct alignment of the brake tester during concreting.

The BM4010 can be supplied with a PDA solution, which allows the operator to control and monitor the test results live directly on a PDA unit which communicates wirelessly with the roller brake tester.

Wheel span: 230 to 2230, 880 to 2085 mm, 800 to 2300/2800 mm.

BM4010 Brake Tester Advantages and benefits

One of the advantages of the BM4010 is that the split bed roller set makes it possible to install over an inspection pit. Additionally, the owner can easily n addition, service and calibration of BM4010 more simple since one person can lift roller set out of the mold frames without the use of a crane or the like.

After installation the BM4010 Brake Tester is completely flush with the floor. With roller cover plates placed on top of the roller bed, the BM4010 becomes one with the workshop floor making it easy to drive over it from any angle.

BM4010 is as standard supplied with a display having two large analogue dials reading brake force left and right, and a 50 mm bright digital readout of brake formce imbalance in %.

When configured with Suspension tester and Side slip, the display is delivered with two scales: one for braking force and one for the suspension test, so that all test data can be shown directly in the physical display.

BM4010 can also be supplied with a large display with several digital readouts for e.g. ovality, pedal force, weight, efficiency, suspension values, speed and distance values.

All types of displays can be mounted either on the wall thus saving floor space, or on a floor-mounted column.

The BM4010 can be supplied in a minimum configuration that still allows for a later upgrade to all options.

As standard the BM4010 software allows for advanced graphic printouts enabling the customer to perform both pre inspection brake tests, and diagnosis before repair brake tests.

BM can offer a wide range of advanced Windows programs for BM4010. These programs offer storing and presentation of test data, advanced diagnosis tools for processing data and a completely integrated IT solution where all inspection data are collected, stored and printed on one single page.


BM4010 is used by workshops and vehicle inspection bodies. BM4010 can be delivered with a motor cycle mode which allows for testing of motor cycles and 3-wheel cars.