BM45 Tacho Tester

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BM45 Tacho Tester

BM45 Tacho Tester

BM45 Tacho Tester

BM45 Tacho Tester Features

BM45 Tacho Tester is a unique equipment for testing the true speed of a scooter 30 or 45 in a static position. The BM45 utilise a fan system to simulate the wind resistance of the driver and as it also takes into account the rolling resistance of the driver, the equipment has a very high accuracy.

The BM45 has been certified by the official vehicle inspection in Denmark for the police. The certification is based on a road test made according to CEE directives for such test and validated by the University of Copenhagen, DTU.

The BM45 is used by authorities in Denmark and Norway to control the speed of Scooters 30 and 45.

The BM45 Tacho Tester can measure a speed up to 80 km/h, has a weight of only 12 kg including aluminium ramps and can be transported in the trunk of a police car. The unit is powered by a chargeable battery and speed is shown in portable display with large 65 mm LED.

Advantage and benefit

The unit is unique on the market with a certified accuracy. The equipment is easy to transport and use and can be employed in any location, where potential offenders can be caught such schools, sport arenas, gas stations etc.

The BM45 allows police and other authorities to enforce the speed limit of these scooters without risking the life of themselves, the driver of the scooter or any pedestrian, which could be hit in a traditional pursuing.


Enforcement police and retail shops for scooters 30 and 45.