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BM74000 Brake Tester Load Simulation

Brake Tester Load Simulation

brake tester load simulation

In 2006, BM developed a unique brake tester load simulation system, BM74000, which applies the load simulation directly from top-down onto the vehicle. The system was developed for VOSA, Vehicle Operator Safety Administration in Great Britain, and is today installed in more than 50 official vehicle inspection lanes in Scotland, England, and Wales.

The BM74000 is powered by an electrical pallet truck and therefore easily moved around by one person. The operator moves the load simulator to its position, which can be either behind – or at the side of the vehicle.

The BM74000 is fixed to the floor via anchor pins, which are quickly placed into rails concreted into the floor.

The BM74000 has a load capacity of 10 T when the load is applied directly over the axle being tested. However, when the load platform is placed behind the axle(s) to be tested, the arm-length principle applies and the load can exceed 10 Ton.

The BM74000 has a number of unique advantages over the Axle Load Simulation system. Firstly, the BM74000 applies the load from top-down, which means that the Load Sensing Valve/Function as well as the suspension system of the vehicle is activated during test.

Besides being used for load simulation during the brake test, the BM74000 can also be used to test the Load Sensing Valve/Function characteristic and settings, as well as assessing the functionality of the suspension system of the vehicle.
The BM74000 is fully controlled from a control panel placed conveniently at the rear of the pallet truck. The operator just enters the load simulation requested and presses START, whereby the BM74000 computer system will automatically apply the load.The design of the load arm in combination with the legs of the BM74000 maximizes the number of different types of vehicles, which can be tested. This number is further increased by the design of the actual load platform, which is made rectangular and can be turned by hand to fit into – and onto practically any vehicle with a suitable flat area including:
  • Any vehicle with an open flat bed.
  • Tractors, where load is applied to the fifth wheel.
  • Closed box trucks and trailers, where the load platform is moved inside through openings in the closed box.
  • Semi-trailers.
The BM74000 is easily and quickly released and moved when the vehicle needs to move forward and therefore a much faster system, than conventional Axle Load Simulation. However, as with the conventional Axle Load Simulation system, the BM74000 shall also be manually applied/positioned to each axle to be tested on the brake tester.
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