BMX010 software

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BMX010 software

Brake Test

This series is based on analogue readout of brake test, suspension and side slip results. It will be operated in automatic mode or manual with Infra Red remote control.


Due to low complexity of technology, training of operators will be as easy and fast as a standard brake testerBrake Test: No PC skills are required of the operator and the price will be very competitive compared to PC-based test lines.


All BM Autoteknik Turbo based brake testers already in the market can easily be upgraded with suspension and side slip.


Optionally the customer can purchase a BM Autoteknik Windows® 2000/XP software packet supplied on a CD ROM with a cable for connection to PC.


The benefit is to make a PC based registration of test results, customers and vehicles possible even though the BM Test Line is not based on PC technology.


The customer segment for this BM Test Line series are professionals that do not have the need of a full-blooded PC based test line, but at the same time don’t want to cut off the possibility to upgrade their investment.