Mobile Vehicle Inspection System

Mobile vehicle inspection system

Mobile Vehicle Inspection System


The BM mobile vehicle inspection system consists of:
  • BM20200 mobile brake tester
  • BM53000 mobile wheel play detector
  • Transport trailer for BM20200 and BM53000 including generator
The test equipment can be placed directly on the workshop floor without need of expensive civil works and offer a capacity of testing vehicles with up to 20 Ton axle load. Installation time is less than 30 minutes and the BM20200 and BM53000 can be supplied with – or without the transport trailer solution.

With the BM20200 mobile brake tester the repair technician can perform efficient and fast diagnostics of the vehicle brake system and hereby enhance the brake repair work at a lower cost. When brake repair is completed, the repair technician will use the BM20200 to verify the functionality of the brake system and provide a high quality assurance of the work to the benefit of his customers.
The BM53000 is a tool which allows for a fast inspection of the wear components of the steering axles as well as inspecting the mechanical condition of all other axles on the vehicle. This inspection will allow the repair technician to detect dangerous wear problems and repair them before the vehicle is returned to the customer in a safe and improved condition.


Click here to see photos showing the setup of the mobile concept.


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