V-TECH at North Norfolk Vehicle Solutions to install a BM20200 mobile commercial brake tester

The BM20200 comes with a full TUV and GEA approval for ATL and ATF bays. This is an ideal option for commercial workshops or mobile testers alike. The unit when set up requires only 3.5 meters in total length to deploy the on/off ramps and a 4.5 meter clearance in width. It can be set up on a range of surfaces, tarmac, concrete or uneven surfaces for example gravel, sand, dirt or even snow.
Providing more flexibility than the in-ground tester and without any need for civil work

the 20200 can easily be deployed, moved or set up by a single engineer in only 10 minutes

the unit comes with BM’s flex check software which is a PC based programme ready loaded with a DVS database for reference however this also stores your own results to extend these reference capabilities.

Flex check can also be integrated with a smart phone or a tablet which communicates wireless with the main PC unit which then allows a single operator to run an entire test without having to leave the area of the vehicle being tested.

V-Tech engineers are trained by BM in their Denmark HQ to cover all aspects of garage equipment installations and maintaining their machines which makes us the primary BM supplier in the UK.

The 20200 is initially a simple kit to set up. Its is more or less plug and play.

We always double check our units and take our time doing so before singing off the installation which covers the electrics, software and calibration of the rollers including an active test with a vehicle to see if it is running fine etc. When the test is running we train the workshop engineers and ensure the whole system is covered for their knowledge including the procedure and any additional questions asked.

If there are any problems or any help needed after the installation we are always on hand and can ensure we can get the garage equipment up and running again with as little down time as possible.