BM Windows software and PDA system

BM Windows software and PDA system

BM Windows software and PDA system

BM Windows software and PDA system. BM offers dedicated windows programs for both Heavy Vehicle and Light vehicle brake testers. When a windows program is connected to your BM equipment, then you can additional purchase the BM PDA system. BM Windows software and PDA system

The PDA system consist of a PDA with BM software, which communicate with the windows program using WLAN technology (radio linked). The PDA will perform as a unique remote control using the touchscreen of the PDA. The layout of the remote control is identical to the normal Infra Red remote control unit for BM equipment.

Additionally, the PDA also perform as a virtual display, which shows you all the same data, as you find on the physical BM display.


Benefits of BM PDA system

  • If your workshop is designed, so you pass the display when testing for instance semi-trailers, then the PDA is a unique solution, as it provide you with a remote control and display inside the cabin.
  • If you purchase the option bi-directional, because you do not have a drive-through lane, you will often find it inconvenient, that you cannot see the display or use the remote control, when testing in opposite direction. The PDA solve this problem completely, as it provides you with a remote control and display.
  • If you purchase a mobile brake tester, the PDA can be a very useful, as it at all times gives you access to both a remote control and display inside the vehicle.

Additionally, you will experience, that today a PDA can be used for many other applications in the workshop. BM Autoteknik A/S already offers the BM FlexCheck system, which allows you to perform quality control, vehicle inspection, pre-inspection and reception procedures from the PDA. You will find, that other equipment suppliers to the workshop industry has also developed tools and solutions based on the PDA unit.

The following shortly describes the various Windows programs for BM heavy vehicle brake testers.

BM also offers a fully integrated vehicle inspection IT system, BM FlexCheck, designed for vehicle inspection bodies.

BM Windows software and PDA system

BM Windows software and PDA system                           BM Windows software and PDA system                             BM Windows software and PDA system

Virtual Display                                Virtual radio remote control                         Real time graphics



BM Windows software and PDA system

1. Brake Perfect Windows

This program is an option to BM brake testers for heavy vehicles: BM20200, BM17200, BM13200 and BM12200.

The program offers basic features such as collection of test data, SQL database and various printout possibilities. Additional powerful diagnostic tools are implemented:

  • Matching of brake performance of different vehicles for instance tractor and trailer
  • Graphical presentation of all test results
  • Effective zoom features
  • Repair and comment features

Brake Perfect windows has been customised with special user-friendly printouts, which allow you to increase your revenue on each vehicle arriving to your workshop.

BM Windows software and PDA system



BM Windows software and PDA system

2. VOSA Database Manager

The VOSA Database Manager is a Windows 2000/XP based program that utilizes the authorized vehicle database from the VOSA and ensures that the brake test results are processed correctly.

Printout is designed according to the VOSA format and operates on the DtP number of the vehicle.

Based on test results automatically collected from the brake test, the program produces a printout with PASS/FAIL evaluation of the brake performance of the vehicle.


Advantages BM Windows software and PDA system

  • Make you test printout comparable to the VOSA GVTS printout.
    Automatically brake test data collection when used with BM brake testers model BM12200, BM17200 and BM12200
  • With manual entry of brake test result, the program can be used with any brand of brake tester.


  • Saves costs by reducing number of FAILS and re-check to the VI station.
  • Improves your PASS rate and hereby enhance your customer service.
  • Motivates your staff with state of art inspection equipment.

The BM VOSA Database Manager program offers a test guide on PC monitor as well as a digital guide on the main display. This guide system maintain the one-man operation concept of BM brake testers.

The BM VOSA Database Manager program is used by many DP customer in England and by the VOSA organisation.


3. Sicherheits Prüfung program

BM Sicherheits-Prüfungs-Programm „SP Windows“ Windows 98/NT/2000/XP basiertes Programm,  InterBase SQL-Datenbank. Erfassung der Fahrzeug-Mängel, Brems-Prüfergebnisse im SP-Protokoll und automatische Hochrechnung der Gesamtabbremsung zur ordnungsgemäßen Beurteilung der Fahrzeugbremsen.

Automatische Bremsprüf-Datenerfassung bei BM-Bremsprüfständen Modell BM12200 bis BM20200. Manuelle Eingabe der Bremsprüf-Ergebnisse bei beliebigem Bremsprüfstand.
Einfache Abarbeitung der SP, Ausgabe von SP-Protokollen.
Automatische Statistiken und Prüfplakettenverwaltung.

Prüfanleitung auf PC-Bildschirm, alle Messwertanzeigen des Prüfstandes auch auf Monitor.
Prüfstandssteuerung über PC (bzw. Laptop oder PDA) möglich.

BM PC-Software seit Jahren auch bei Großkunden wie Fahrzeugherstellern im Einsatz.
BM VOSA Database Manager in vielen Prüf-Werkstätten in England und der VOSA Organisation.

BM Windows software and PDA system

4. RTS Mobile program

The RTS mobile program is a Windows 2000/XP based program and designed to perform data collection when the vehicle is driving on the road.

The RTS mobile program automatically collects measured air pressure values using the BM radio air pressure sensors. The data enables you to perform analysis of how the air pressure system of the vehicle is performing in “real life”. This is particular interesting when performing diagnosis on a vehicle, which has a dynamic adjustment of the air pressure system based on data measured during driving.